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  • Delmotte, I. A. (2014). A digitisation of listening: edit > clip boundaries > detach as silences. In Second International Conference of The European Sound Studies Association (ESSA) 2014: Mapping the Field. Conference held at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2014). Tuned in and hands on: Sound designers beyond technical expertise. Journal of Sonic Studies, 6(1), 1-12. Retrieved from

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2013). ‘Inaudible Visions, Oscillating Silences’ (No. Of Pieces: installation) [Designer and Curator of Multi media : audio/printed visuals/moving images/text/screen printing]. Ballina, NSW, Australia. Retrieved from

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2013). Thoughts on cinematic silences and visual narratives. Retrieved from

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2013). Script, cinematic silence and narrative expectations. In Australasian Association for Literature: 'Modern Soundscapes'. Conference held at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2013). Freeing the imagination: 'the best movie is the one in my head'. In Australian Screen Production Education & Research Association Annual Conference (ASPERA) 2013: 'Back to the Future: re-­‐framing new & old screen production practices'. Conference held At Swinburne University, Deakin University, and RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2013). 'Insounds’: human sonic permeability and the practice of cinema sound design within ecologies of silences. (PhD Thesis, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW). Retrieved from

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2011). Environmental silence and its renditions in a movie soundtrack. AJE: Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology, 1, 58-67.

  • Delmotte, I. A. (2011). Living in sound but listening to the screen: Sensory gaps, narrative expectations and sonic creation in cinema sound design. In European Network for Cinema and Media Studies: Sonic Futures: Soundscapes and the Languages of Screen Media. Conference held at King's College, London.

  • Delmotte, I. (2003). Personal Statement: Isabelle Delmotte. In S. C. Schachter (Ed.), Visions: Artists Living with Epilepsy (pp. 18-20). Academic Press.

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