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  • Dizon, M. (2019). Matters of trust, privacy and security: An examination of the technical, legal and social principles and values of encryption. In 18th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications. Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Dizon, M. (2019). Termination of contracts in the Philippines. In Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia Vol V: Ending and Changing Contracts Conference. NUS Law, Singapore.

  • Dizon, M. (2019). Substantive and procedural legislation in the Philippines to combat webcam-related child sexual abuse. In S. van der Hof, I. Georgieva, B. W. Schermer, & B. -J. Koops (Eds.), Sweetie 2.0: Using Artificial Intelligence to Fight Webcam Child Sex Tourism (pp. 456-489). The Hague, The Netherlands: Springer.

  • Dizon, M., Ko, R., Rumbles, W., Gonzalez, P., McHugh, P., & Meehan, A. (2019). A matter of security, privacy and trust: A study of the principles and values of encryption in New Zealand. New Zealand: New Zealand Law Foundation and University of Waikato. Retrieved from

  • Dizon, M. (2018). Philippine rules on invalidity of contracts. In Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia Vol IV: Invalidity Conference. Conference held at NUS Law, Singapore.

  • Dizon, M. (2018). Encryption and the manifold meanings of security. In The Waikato Dialogue: The Implications of Emerging Disruptive Technologies for International Security and New Zealand. Conference held Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Dizon, M. A. C., & Disini, J. J. (2017). E-discovery in the Philippines. In B. Tan, M. Lew, & B. Ang (Eds.), A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia. Singapore: LexisNexis.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2017). A socio-legal study of hacking: breaking and remaking law and technology. Oxford: Routledge. doi:10.4324/9780203711361

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2016). SCLS III Philippines Paper. In Colloquium on Contract Terms in the Contract Law of Asia. Conference held National Taiwan University, College of Law, Taiwan.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2016). Breaking and remaking law and technology: A socio-techno-legal study of hacking. (PhD Thesis, Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)).

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