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  • Greenhalgh, C. (2018). Aging in twentieth-century Britain.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2018). Women and social research in Australia and New Zealand 1940s-1980s. In Australian Historical Association Annual Conference 2018. Conference held at The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2018). Women and social research in Australia, 1940-1970. In Department of History Seminar Series for Postgraduates and Faculty, University of Sydney, Australia.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2017). Becoming 'completely one': Love letters and New Zealand's interwar romantic culture. New Zealand Journal of History, 51(1), 135-163.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2016). The travelling social survey: social research and its subjects in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, 1930s–1970s. History Australia, 13(1), 124-138. doi:10.1080/14490854.2016.1156211

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2015). Love in later life: Old age, marriage and social research in mid-twentieth-century Britain. In A. Harris, & T. Jones (Eds.), Love and Romance in Britain, 1918 - 1970 (pp. 144-160). Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2015). An antipodean perspective on British social science in the mid-twentieth century. In Writing modern British history today: An antipodean workshop, Macquarie University, Australia.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2015). Writing the history of old age in twentieth-century Britain: An age of emotion?. In Rethinking Modern British Studies. Conference held at University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2015). Inhabiting an ageing body: Old age, fashion, beauty culture in 20th Century Britain. In The University of Melbourne, Australia.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2014). The social survey in historical perspective. In The Australian Consortium of Social and Political Research Incorporated (ACSPRI) Social Science Methodology Conference. Conference held at University of Sydney, Australia.

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