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Publications ByFA'AVAE, David T M (Dave)

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  • Fa'avae, D. T. M. (2020). Talatalanoa as ongoing complex conversations and negotiation of practice in higher education. New Zealand Annual Review of Education, 26, 83-89. doi:10.26686/nzaroe.v26.6896

  • Fa'avae, D. (2019). Tatala ‘a e Koloa ‘o e To’utangata Tonga: A way to disrupt and decolonise doctoral research. MAI Journal: New Zealand Journal of Indigenous Scholarship, 8(1). doi:10.20507/maijournal.2019.8.1.1

  • Esera, E., Fa'avae, D. T. M., & Tuia, T. T. (2019). Understanding the teacher upgrade programme in Samoa: Contextual challenges for in-service teachers, school principals and Ministry personnel. Pacific-Asian Education, 31, 33-46.

  • Fa'avae, D., Rimoni, F., & Tuia, T. T. (2019). Empowering emerging academics and educators in Oceania: Why the Rethinking Pacific Education Initiative?. Directions: Journal of Educational Studies, 33(1), 108-118. Retrieved from

  • Fa'avae, D. (2018). Negotiating the vā: The self in relation to others and navigating the multiple spaces as a New Zealand raised Tongan male. In P. Stanley, & G. Vass (Eds.), Questions of Culture in Autoethnography (pp. 57-68). London, UK: Routledge. doi:10.4324/9781315178738

  • Fa'avae, D. (2018). Complex times and needs for locals: Strengthening (local) education systems through education research and development in Oceania. International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, 17(3), 80-92.

  • Fa'avae, D. (2018). Foki kihe tupu'anga. Departures in Critical Qualitative Research, 7(4), 78-86. doi:10.1525/dcqr.2018.7.4.78

  • Fa'avae, D. (2018). Giving voice to the unheard in higher education: Critical autoethnography, Tongan males and educational research. MAI Journal: A New Zealand Journal of Indigenous Scholarship, 7(2). doi:10.20507/maijournal.2018.7.2.2

  • Fa'avae, D. (2017). Family knowledge and practices useful in Tongan boys’ education. set: Research Information for Teachers, (2), 49-56. doi:10.18296/set.0082

  • Fa'avae, D. (2016). Tatala 'a e koloa 'o e to'utangata Tonga i Aotearoa mo Tonga: The intergenerational educational experiences of Tongan males in New Zealand and Tonga. (PhD Thesis, University of Auckland, New Zealand). Retrieved from

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