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  • Nissen, S., & Cretney, R. (2020). Enacting emergency – Local reimagining of climate emergency declarations in Aotearoa New Zealand. In POLLEN Contested Natures conference.

  • Nissen, S., & Cretney, R. (2020). Retrofitting an emergency approach to the climate crisis: A study of two climate emergency declarations in Aotearoa New Zealand.. In Political Studies Association Early Career Network .Conference. Because The Internet Conference.

  • Kurian, P., Munshi, D., Cretney, R., & Morrison, S. (2020). Climate activism and policy change in Aotearoa New Zealand: A critical analysis of values, perspectives and actions of climate activists. In 2020 Workshop of the Environmental Politics and Policy Network. Virtual.

  • Cretney, R. (2020). Beyond emergency: The political possibilities of critical hope [Illustration Textbox 4.2]. In Children, Citizenship and Environment #SchoolStrike Edition (2nd ed., pp. 94-97). New York: Routledge.

  • Coffey, B., Bush, J., Mumaw, L., de Kleyn, L., Furlong, C., & Cretney, R. (2020). Towards good governance of urban greening: insights from four initiatives in Melbourne, Australia. Australian Geographer. doi:10.1080/00049182.2019.1708552

  • Hall, D., Cretney, R., & Nissen, S. (2020). By declaring a climate emergency Jacinda Ardern needs to inspire hope, not fear. The Conversation. Retrieved from

  • Munshi, D., Kurian, P., Morrison, S., Kathlene, L., & Cretney, R. (2020). Centring Culture in Public Engagement on Climate Change Adaption: Re-shaping the future of the NZ Tourism sector. A report to the Deep South National Science Challenge. New Zealand: University of Waikato and Deep South National Science Challenge. Retrieved from

  • Lobo, M., Duffy, M., Witcomb, A., Brennan-Horley, C., Kelly, D. L., Barry, K., . . . Wolifson, P. (2020). Practising lively geographies in the city: encountering Melbourne through experimental field-based workshops. Journal of Geography in Higher Education. doi:10.1080/03098265.2020.1712684

  • Munshi, D., Kurian, P., Cretney, R., Morrison, S. L., & Kathlene, L. (2020). Centering culture in public engagement on climate change. Environmental Communication, 14(5), 573-581. doi:10.1080/17524032.2020.1746680

  • Cretney, R., & Nissen, S. (2019). Climate politics ten years from Copenhagen: activism, emergencies, and possibilities. Women Talking Politics, 15-20. Retrieved from

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