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  • Patrick, D., Rodriguez, D., & Miguel, J. (2022). Empowerment through performing arts: Employment protests in Spain and Argentina. In Just Futures: Exploring Pathways of Futurity and Justice. Conference held at Griffiths University and online.

  • Barbour, K., Burgstaller, H., Claus, J., Cohen, E., Gray, E., Park, S. -R., . . . Waititi, C. (2021). Morphing Moments [Composition]. Hamilton, New Zealand: Waikato Contemporary Dance Projects Trust. Retrieved from

  • Patrick, D. (2021). National identity in Philippine folk dance: Changing focus from the Cariñosa to Tinikling. In C. Parfitt (Ed.), Cultural Memory and Popular Dance . Dancing to Remember, Dancing to Forget (pp. 177-192). Palgrave Macmillan. Retrieved from

  • Diaz Rodriguez, J., & Patrick, D. (2020). Folk dance and the performance of courtship in Colombia and the Philippines.. In AILASA 2020 Visions: Possibilities, Performance and the Past. Conference held online, hosted by Griffiths University, Australia.

  • Bakogianni, A., & Patrick, D. (2020). Where is the Body? Performing Iphigenia at Aulis online in a New Zealand context.. In Ancient Greek Theatre in the Digital Age. International Online Conference. organised by Universita degli Studi di Torino (Bari, Italy).

  • Patrick, D., & Barbour, K. (2020). Adventures in Failure: Professor Helen Heels presents a Lecture/Demonstration in three parts with a variety of extraordinary artefacts [Professor Helen Heels (Declan Patrick) ; Manly Stud Mr Cliff Edge (Karen Barbour)]. Hamilton New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Patrick, D. (2019). Practice-as-research in arts research. In Rome – International Conference on Research in Social Science & Humanities. ICRSSH.

  • Patrick, D., & Diaz Rodriguez, J. M. (2019). Performing Difference: Meta-narratives in Colombian and Filipino Folk Dance. In Memory Studies Association Third Annual Conference. Madrid.

  • Patrick, D., & Diaz Rodriguez, J. (2018). Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of cultural products: the case of the Maria Clara Suite of dances. In 6th Annual International Conference on Contemporary Cultural Studies. Retrieved from

  • Patrick, D., & Diaz Rodriguez, J. (2017). Finding form in Folk Dance: Articulating diverse approaches to the Philippine Canon. In 13th International Conference on Social Science and Humanities. Conference held at the University of Lisbon.

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