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  • Kempster, S., & Jackson, B. (2021). Leadership for what, why, for whom and where? A responsibility perspective. Journal of Change Management, 21(1), 45-65. doi:10.1080/14697017.2021.1861721

  • Souza, R., Wood Jr,, T., & Jackson, B. (2021). What favelas can teach about leadership: The importance of shared-purpose and place-based leadership. In D. Singh, R. Thompson, & K. Curran (Eds.), Reimagining Leadership on the Commons: Shifting the Paradigm for a More Ethical, Equitable and Just World (pp. 119-135). Emerald Publishing.

  • Cikaliuk, M., Eraković, L., Jackson, B., Noonan, C., & Watson, S. (2020). Corporate Governance and Leadership The Board as the Nexus of Leadership-in-Governance. Cambridge University Press.

  • Fairhurst, G. T., Jackson, B., Foldy, E. G., & Ospina, S. M. (2020). Studying collective leadership: The road ahead. Human Relations, 73(4), 598-614. doi:10.1177/0018726719898736

  • Ospina, S. M., Foldy, E. G., Fairhurst, G. T., & Jackson, B. (2020). Collective dimensions of leadership: Connecting theory and method. Human Relations, 73(4), 441-463. doi:10.1177/0018726719899714

  • Cikaliuk, M., Eraković, L., Jackson, B., Noonan, C., & Watson, S. (2020). Board leadership and governance for clear-sighted CEO succession at Air New Zealand. Journal of Management & Organization, 26(5), 774-797. doi:10.1017/jmo.2018.23

  • Wilson, S., Cummings, S., Jackson, B., & Proctor-Thomson, S. (2019). Revitalising leadership: Putting theory and practice into context. Routledge. doi:10.4324/9781315687438

  • Jackson, B., Kempster, S., & Fulop, L. (2019). Take your lead: In search of very short, fairly interesting, and reasonably impactful contributions to the future of leadership studies. Journal of Management and Organization, 25(3), 355-363. doi:10.1017/jmo.2019.38

  • Jackson, B. (2019). The power of place in public leadership research and development. International Journal of Public Leadership, 15(4), 209-223. doi:10.1108/ijpl-09-2019-0059

  • Jackson, B., Nicoll, M., & Roy, M. J. (2018). The distinctive challenges and opportunities for creating leadership within social enterprises. Social Enterprise Journal, 14(1), 71-91. doi:10.1108/SEJ-03-2017-0016

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