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  • Simms, N., & Bing, D. (2017). Nazi confiscation of art and the trickery that followed. Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, 1(1).

  • Bing, D. (2017). Revisiting the past: How the Bing archives came to light in Montevideo. Journal of Japonisme, 2(2), 135-153. doi:10.1163/24054992-00022P03

  • Bing, D. (2016). The four faces of Dr Joel Hayward's research on David Irving. In New Zealand Political Studies Association Conference (NZPSA): Divergent Democracies: Politics in the 21st Century. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Bing, D., & Simms, N. (2016). The worm in the apple. Mentalities, 28(3), 1-40. Retrieved from

  • Kalu, J., & Bing, D. (2016). Implication of federalism in 'Federal' related political institutions: A conceptual analysis. Perspectives on Federalism, 8(3), 45-68. doi:10.1515/pof-2016-0016

  • Bing, D. (2015). Lenin ve Sneevliet: Dogu hint adalari'nda Somurge Devrimi Teorisinin Kokenleri (Lenin and Sneevliet: The origins of the theory of colonial revolution in the Dutch East Indies). Iştirakî, September 2015-February 2016(7-8), 113-130.

  • Sharma, A., & Bing, D. (2015). India-Israel relations: The evolving partnership. Israel Affairs, 21(4), 620-632. doi:10.1080/13537121.2015.1076189

  • Bing, D. (2012). Er shi shi ji chu qi de zhong guo gong chan dang yi ji lao dong zu he shu ji bu de jian li [The chinese communist party and the establishment of the labour secretariat in the early twenties]. In P. Cui, Meiming, & Z. Mao (Eds.), The Founding History of Chinese Communist Party (pp. 554-576). Shanghai People's Publishing House.

  • Bing, D. (2011). The new Fatah/Hamas unity government and the future of Gaza. In B. Lynch (Ed.), Proceedings of 'The Arab Spring': Its Origins, Implications and Outlook (pp. 85-90). Conference held at Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Institute of International Affairs (NZIIA).

  • Bing, D., & Sharma, A. (2011). India-Israel relationship: An appraisal of growing defence/strategic and security partnership. In Fourteenth New Zealand Jewish Studies Conference. Conference held at University of Auckland, Old Choral Hall, New Zealand.

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