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  • Hansen, R. J., & Kamp, P. J. (2002). Evolution of the Giant Forests Formation, Northern Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. In New Zealand Petroleum Conference (pp. 419-449). Wellington: Crown Minerals, Ministry of Economic Development.

  • Hansen, R. J., & Kamp, P. J. (2001). Giant Foresets Formation, Northern Graben, Taranaki basin: Development of the Late Neogene progradking continental margin. In Geological Society of New Zealand Annual Conference 2001: 'Advances in Geoscience'. Abstracts and Programme. Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publications 110A. Conference held at Hamilton.

  • Hansen, R., & Kamp, P. J. J. (2000). Depositional structure of the Giant Foresets Formation, north Taranaki graben. In Tim Little (Ed.), Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 108A. Geological Society of New Zealand/New Zealand Geological Society Joint Annual Conference, Programme and Abstracts. Conference held at Wellington.

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