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  • Kurian, P., Munshi, D., Cretney, R., & Morrison, S. (2020). Climate activism and policy change in Aotearoa New Zealand: A critical analysis of values, perspectives and actions of climate activists. In 2020 Workshop of the Environmental Politics and Policy Network. Virtual.

  • Morrison, S. (2020). Cold start to voyaging stories. In Waatea News. Retrieved from

  • Morrison, S., Campbell, D., Balzer, R., & Garmonsway, L. (2020). The impact of the Treaty on women in Aotearoa. In Waikato Museum: Waitangi Day - Treaty Talk.

  • Willy-John, M., Hazel, J. -A., Sciascia, A., Sporle, A., Harwood, M., Hutchings, J., . . . [Rauika Māngai]. (2020). A Guide to Vision Mātauranga: Lessons from Māori Voices in The New Zealand Science Sector. Wellington, New Zealand: Rauika Māngai.

  • Ritchie, J., & Morrison, S. (2019). Exploring Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) approaches in relation to benefits for Māori children and whānau. Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Kathlene, L., Kurian, P., Munshi, D., & Morrison, S. (2019). Mapping values, beliefs, and attitudes on genetic technologies: Insights from a national survey of Māori and non-Māori citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand. In Māori Views on Genetics, Genomics & Gene Editing. Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development, Hopuhopu, Ngaaruawaahia, New Zealand.

  • Morrison, S. (2019). Where should Europe go from here?. In The Future of SDG 4.7 in Europe. Conference held in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Morrison, S. (2019). Adapting to climate change: Mātauranga Māori and Western science collaborative research in the Deep South Challenge. In NAISA. Hamilton,New Zealand.

  • Kurian, P., Munshi, D., & Morrison, S. (2019). Priya Kurian, Debashish Munshi, Sandy Morrison: University of Waikato researchers, Culture and Climate Change. In Kia Urutau Adapt: Deep South Challenge (pp. 38-39).

  • Munshi, D., Kurian, P., & Morrison, S. (2019). A culture-centered approach to climate change adaptation: Insights from New Zealand. In K. -K. Bhavnani, J. Foran, P. Kurian, & D. Munshi (Eds.), Climate Futures: Reimagining Global Climate Justice (pp. 64-72). London: Zed Books.

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