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  • Goldsmith, M. (2012). European ethnicity and its analogues in New Zealand Censuses from the 1840s to the 1950s. In R. McClean, B. Patterson, & D. Swain (Eds.), Counting Stories, Moving Ethnicities: Studies from Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 52-71). Hamilton, New Zealand: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Waikato.

  • Goldsmith, M., & McNeill, K. (2012). The case for universal basic income in New Zealand & worldwide. Pacific Ecologist, 21, 27-30.

  • Goldsmith, M. (2012). The colonial and postcolonial roots of ethnonationalism in Tuvalu. Journal of the Polynesian Society (Special Issue), 121(2), 129-150.

  • Goldsmith, M. (2011). Marshall Sahlins (1930-). In R. Gordon, A. P. Lyons, & H. D. Lyons (Eds.), Fifty Key Anthropologists (pp. 209-214). Routledge.

  • Goldsmith, M. (2011). Liminal spaces in world anthropology. In G. L. Ribeiro (Ed.), Global Anthropologies (pp. 75-84). Intellectual Property Publishing House.

  • Goldsmith, M. (2011). Claiming and disclaiming indigeneity in Aotearoa and New Zealand. In International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES), the Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) and the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ) Conference. Conference held at Perth, Australia.

  • Goldsmith, M. (2010). Christianity and the creation of dis/unity in Tuvaluan communities. In Christian Politics in Oceania. Conference held at Melbourne, Australia.

  • Goldsmith, M. (2010). Anthropology's audiences in Aotearoa and abroad. In 11th EASA Biennial Conference. Conference held at Maynooth, Ireland.

  • Goldsmith, M. (2010). Historicising Gerd Koch's ethnographic films on Tuvalu. The Journal of Pacific History, 45(1), 57-70. doi:10.1080/00223344.2010.484169

  • Goldsmith, M. (2010). Learning from the Auckland CPS Review: The future of Pacific language teaching in an age of academic audit. In Workshop on Teaching Pacific Languages. Conference held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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