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  • Chen, Q., & Low, M. (2022). Investigating green investment payoff in China. Pacific Accounting Review, 30(3), 626-660. doi:10.1108/PAR-07-2020-0091

  • Lodhia, S., Sharma, U., & Low, M. (2021). Creating value: Sustainability and accounting for non-financial matters in the pre- and post-corona environment. Meditari Accountancy Research, 29(2), 185-196. doi:10.1108/MEDAR-03-2021-1249

  • Lakshan, A. M. I., Low, M., & de Villiers, C. (2021). Management of risks associated with the disclosure of future-oriented information in integrated reports. Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, 12(2), 241-266. doi:10.1108/SAMPJ-03-2019-0114

  • Liyanapathirana, N., Samkin, G., Low, M., & Davey, H. (2021). An exploratory study of awareness and intensity of ethical dilemmas: A comparative study between Sri Lankan and New Zealand accounting professionals. International Journal of Critical Accounting, 12(2), 129-155. doi:10.1504/IJCA.2021.115474

  • Lakshan, A. M. I., Low, M., & de Villiers, C. (2021). Challenges of, and techniques for, materiality determination of non-financial information used by integrated report preparers. Meditari Accountancy Research, online, 35 pages. doi:10.1108/MEDAR-11-2020-1107

  • Low, M., & Schollum, S. (2021). Organisational politics and strategies - a socialisation into a legitimacy whirlpool. International Journal of Critical Accounting, 12(1), 54-90. doi:10.1504/ijca.2021.113894

  • Al-Hazaima, H., Low, M., & Sharma, U. (2021). Perceptions of salient stakeholders on the integration of sustainability education into the accounting curriculum: a Jordanian study. Meditari Accountancy Research, 29(2), 371-402. doi:10.1108/MEDAR-02-2020-0708

  • Davis, P., Low, M., Allen, J., & Sharma, U. (2021). Intellectual capital and pictorial disclosures analysis: an MIA (missing in action) interpretative paradigm. In Research Handbook on Intellectual Capital and Business (pp. 195-218). Edward Elgar.

  • Hsiao, P., Low, M., & Scott, T. (2021). Service performance reporting and principles-based authortative guidance. In 2021 AFAANZ Virtual Conference. Virtual.

  • Botes, V., Low, M., & Sutton, A. (2020). Key audit matters and their implications for the audit environment. International Journal of Economics and Accounting, 9(4), 374. doi:10.1504/ijea.2020.110164

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