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  • Campbell, J. R. (2015). Development, global change and traditional food security in Pacific Island countries. Regional Environmental Change, 15(7), 1313-1324. doi:10.1007/s10113-014-0697-6

  • Campbell, J. R. (2014). Climate-change migration in the Pacific. The Contemporary Pacific, 26(1), 1-28. doi:10.1353/cp.2014.0023

  • Campbell, J. R., & Bedford, R. (2014). Migration and climate change in oceania. In E. Piguet, & F. Laczko (Eds.), People on the Move in a Changing Climate: The Regional Impact of Environmental Change on Migration (Vol. 2, pp. 177-204). Springer.

  • Bryant-Tokalau, J., & Campbell, J. R. (2014). Coping with floods in urban Fiji: Responses and resilience of the poor. In M. Sakai, E. Jurriens, J. Zhang, & A. Thornton (Eds.), Disaster Relief in the Asia Pacific: Agency and Resilience (pp. 132-146). Routledge.

  • Leong, J. -A., Marra, J. J., Finucane, M. L., Giambelluca, T., Merrifield, M., Miller, S. E., . . . Wang, B. (2014). Hawai'i and U.S. affiliated Pacific Islands. In J. M. Melillo, T. T. C. Richmond, & G. W. Yohe (Eds.), Climate Change Impacts in the United States: The Third National Climate Assessment (pp. 537-556). U.S. Global Change Research Program, doi:10.7930/J0W66HPM

  • Koshy, K., Stevenson, L. A., Boonjawat, J., Campbell, J., Ebi, K. L., Lotia, H., & Zondervan, R. (2013). Climate and society. In M. J. Manton, & L. A. Stevenson (Eds.), Climate in Asia and the Pacific: Security, Society and Sustainability (pp. 199-252). Springer. doi:10.1007/978-94-007-7338-7_5

  • Campbell, J. (2011). Climate change and population displacement. In Workshop on Internal Displacement caused by Natural Disasters and Climate Change in the Pacific. Conference held at Suva, Fiji.

  • Campbell, J. (2011). Climate-induced community relocation in the Pacific and the meaning and importance of land. In Climate Change and Migration in the Asia-Pacific: Legal and Policy Responses. Conference held at Sydney, Australia.

  • Campbell, J. (2010). Climate change and population movement in Pacific Island countries. In B. Burson (Ed.), Climate Change and Migration: South Pacific Perspectives (pp. 29-50). Institute of Policy Studies.

  • Campbell, J. (2010). An overview of natural hazard planning in the Pacific Island Region. The Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies, 2010(1), 1-9. Retrieved from**peer%20review%20evidence

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