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  • Campbell, J. (2010). Climate-induced community relocation in the Pacific: the meaning and importance of land. In J. McAdam (Ed.), Climate Change and Displacement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (pp. 57-79). HART Publishing Ltd.

  • Campbell, J. (2010). Climate change and population displacement. In W. Narsey, A. S. Robertson, B. C. Prasad, K. S. E. Jongstra, W. F. S. Smiles, B. Hau'ofa, & F. Pene (Eds.), Regional Symposium: Population and Development in the Pacific Islands: Accelerating the ICPD Programme of Action at 15 (pp. 319-335). Conference held at The University of the South Pacific, Fiji: The University of the South Pacific.

  • Campbell, J. (2010). An overview of natural hazard planning in the Pacific Island Region. The Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies, 2010(1), 1-9. Retrieved from**peer%20review%20evidence

  • Barnett, J., & Campbell, J. (2010). Climate Change and Small Island States: Power, Knowledge and the South Pacific. United Kingdom: Earthscan.

  • Campbell, J. (2010). How pacific islanders could adapt to survive on atolls in response to the talk surrounding climate change and sea level. In Radio New Zealand Nights.

  • Campbell, J. (2009). Climate change and migration: Community relocation in the Pacific. In Pacific Parliamentary Assembly on Population and Development (PPAD) and Forum Presiding Officers and Clerks (FPOC) Biannual Thematic Conference: Pacific Parliamentarians Rally for Sustainability, Equity and Accountability. Conference held at Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

  • Campbell, J. (2009). Climate change impacts and adaptation in Pacific Island countries. In Mekong and Asia Pacific Community-Based Adaptation Programme (MAP-CBA) Inception Workshop. Conference held at Apia, Samoa.

  • Campbell, J. (2009). Islandness: Vulnerability and resilience in Oceania. Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures, 3, 85-97.

  • Campbell, J. (2009). Climate change, relocation and Pacific Island communities. In Pathways, Circuits and Crossroads: International Migration in Uncertain Times. Conference held at Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Campbell, J. (2009). Environmentally forced migration from PICS. How many, where from, where too?. In UNESCO/APMRN/Development Studies/USP Workshop on Climate Change Related Migration. Conference held at Suva, Fiji.

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