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  • Spiller, P. R. (2005). A commonwealth of legal ideas: The influence of Richard Wilberforce on New Zealand law. Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, 5(1), 29-62. doi:10.1080/14729342.2005.11421449

  • Spiller, P. R. (2004). Disputes Tribunal Bench Book. Wellington: Ministry of Justice.

  • Spiller, P. R., Paterson, H. R., & Were, M. K. (2004). The value of doing the Waikato Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching Seminar. In School of Law Seminar. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton.

  • Spiller, P. R. (2004). Judging in Context: Lord Wilberforce's Legacy to New Zealand Law. Waikato Law Review Taumauri, 12, 83-100.

  • Spiller, P. R. (2004). Guidelines for Small Claims Courts Hearing Individual Consumer Disputes. New Zealand Yearbook of Jurisprudence, 6(1), 75-82.

  • Spiller, P. R. (2003). Waikato Regional Airport. The New Zealand Law Journal, ., 439-440.

  • Spiller, P. R. (2003). Decisions of Interest. In Disputes Tribunal Referees. Conference held at Hawkes Bay Club, Napier.

  • Spiller, P. R. (2003). Lessons in Adjudication. Waikato Law Review: Taumauri, 11, 97-112.

  • Spiller, P. R. (2003). The Disputes Tribunals of New Zealand (2nd ed.). Wellington: Brookers Ltd.

  • Spiller, P. R. (2003). Recurrent Reasons for Successful Appeals. In Disputes Tribunal Conference. Conference held at Napier, New Zealand.

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