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  • Corner, J., & Tran, H. T. T. (2016). The impact of communication channels on mobile banking adoption. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 34(1), 78-109. doi:10.1108/IJBM-06-2014-0073

  • Rusly, F. H., Sun, P., & Corner, J. L. (2015). Change readiness: creating understanding and capability for the knowledge acquisition process. Journal of Knowledge Management, 19(6), 1204-1223. doi:10.1108/JKM-02-2015-0092

  • Rusly, F., Sun, Y. T., & Corner, J. (2014). The impact of change readiness on the knowledge sharing process for professional service firms. Journal of Knowledge Management, 18(4), 687-709. doi:10.1108/JKM-01-2014-0007

  • Tran, T. T. H., & Corner, J. L. (2014). The impact of communication channels on mobile banking adoption: Department of Management Systems - Research Report Series. Waikato Management School.

  • Rusly, F. H., Corner, J. L., & Sun, P. (2013). Anticipating change in knowledge management processes in New Zealand professional service organisations. In Diversity of Research for a Sustainable Changing World (pp. 112-129). New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Ying, J. F., Wilkinson, S., & Corner, J. (2013). Seismic mitigation decisions for building owners in NZ. In 2013 Joint NZSA + ORSNZ Conference. Conference held at Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Jones, R., & Corner, J. (2012). Seeing the forest and the trees: A complex adaptive systems lens for mentoring. Human Relations, 65(3), 391-411. doi:10.1177/0018726711430556

  • Dillon, S., Buchanan, J., & Corner, J. (2012). Public and private sector decision making: Problem structuring and information quality: Department of Management Systems Research Report Series (2012-02). Waikato Management School.

  • Rusly, F. H., Corner, L. J., & Sun, P. (2012). Uncovering change readiness on knowledge documentation in the professional service context. In Agam Nag (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Conference on Business Management and Information Systems (pp. 444-450). Conference held at Singapore: Bloomsbury.

  • Rusly, F. H., Corner, J., & Sun, P. Y. T. (2012). Positioning change readiness in knowledge management research. Journal of Knowledge Management, 16(2), 329-355. doi:10.1108/13673271211218906

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