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Publications ByGALIKOWSKI, Maria B

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  • Galikowski, M. (2017). [Review of The Impotence Epidemic: men’s medicine and sexual desire in contemporary China by Everett Yuehong Zhang]. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 19(2), 108-110.

  • Galikowski, M. B. (2016). Propaganda art, inside and out. In Museums, Art and Cultural Diplomacy. Conference held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Galikowski, M. (2015). [Review of Tea in China: A religious and cultural history: A religious and cultural history by James A Benn ]. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 17(2), 125-126.

  • Galikowski, M. B. (2015). [Review of Puer tea: Ancient caravans and urban chic by Jinghong Zhang]. New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies, 17(1), 158-160.

  • Galikowski, M. (2013). [Review of A continuous revolution: making sense of cultural revolution culture by B. Mittler]. China Information, 27(3), 379-380. doi:10.1177/0920203x13506842

  • Galikowski, M. (2011). [Review of Negotiating cultural change: The discourse of art in 1980s China by Eduardo Welsh]. The China Review, 11(1), 142-144.

  • Galikowski, M. (2011). [Review of Mao's New World: Political culture in the Early People's Republic by Chang-tai Hung]. American Historical Review, 116(4), 1104. Retrieved from

  • Galikowski, M. (2011). [Review of Friendship in Art: Fou Lei and Huang Binhong by Claire Roberts]. New Zealand Journal in Asian Studies, 13(1), 114-116.

  • Galikowski, M. (2009). Propaganda Art: Posters. In D. Pong (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Modern China (pp. 192-194). Charles Scribner's Sons/ Gale Cengage Learning.

  • Galikowski, M. (2009). Socialist Realism in Art. In D. Pong (Ed.), Encyclopedia in Modern China (pp. 456-457). Charles Scribner's Sons/ Gale Cengage Learning.

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