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  • Ho, E., Bedford, R., & Muntz, M. (2007). How important are lifestyle reasons for moving into and out of the Bay of Plenty Region?. In Population Association of New Zealand Biennial Conference - Looking into the Future: People, Diversity and Social Outcomes. Conference held at Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Ho, E., Bedford, R., Muntz, M., & McLeay, C. (2006). Reasons for moving into and out of the Bay of Plenty Region. New Zealand: The University of Waikato.

  • Bedford, R. D., Ho, E. S., Lidgard, J. M., McLeay, C., & Muntz, M. (2006). Demographic Forecast 2051: Movement and change in population and households in the Bay of Plenty. Whakatane: Environment Bay of Plenty Strategic Planning Report, No. 1.

  • Ho, E. S., Bedford, R. D., & Muntz, M. T. (2005). Diversity and disparity: Integrating migrants and refugees into the labour market of a small metropolis New Zealand. In 10th International Metropolis Conference's Workshop on Economic Aspects of Immigrant Settlement in the Cosmopolitan Metropolis. Conference held at Toronto Canada.

  • Ho, E. S., & Muntz, M. T. (2003). Maori trans-Tasman Migrants in New Zealand. In Population Association of New Zealand 2003 Conference. Conference held at Christchurch.

  • Ho, E. S., & Muntz, M. T. (2003). Trans-Tasman Migrants in New Zealand, 2001. In New Directions:L New Settlers: New Challenges. Building and Enhancing Communities. Conference held at Wellington.

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