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  • Dyer, S., Hurd, F., & Hardaker, J. (2020). Women leaders in a Post-Covid world - are things really different?. Retrieved from

  • Hurd, F., Dyer, S., & Lowery-Kappes, H. (2020). Bringing 'experts' into the management classroom: Looking beyond traditional corporate visitors to improve student engagement and outcomes. In 2020 Research in Management Learning and Education (RMLE) Unconference (pp. 21-22). Christchurch, New Zealand: Research in Management Learning and Education (RMLE).

  • Tran, T., Hurd, F., Dyer, S., & Sinha, P. (2019). Where are the Vietnamese feminists? The impact of successive colonisation on the representation of Vietnamese women throughout history. In 11th Annual Conference of AAHANZBS. Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Lowery-Kappes, H., Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2019). Collaborating to strengthen future careers: Bridging academia and career services. In 2019 NAGCAS Conference. Perth, Australia.

  • Hurd, F., Lowery-Kappes, H., & Dyer, S. (2019). Collaboration for improving students' understanding of careers: Successfully bridging the academic/practice divide. Te Mōhiotanga.

  • Lowery-Kappes, H., Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2019). Strengthen understanding of career theory in practice within the learning space. In CDANZ Conference. University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

  • Dyer, S., Hurd, F., & Lowery-Kappes, H. (2019). Career theory in practice within the learning space. In NZIBR Seminar, Waikato Management School, Hamilton.

  • Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2019). Narratives of motherhood. In Gender & Diversity Research Showcase 2019. AUT, Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Hurd, F., Dyer, S., & FitzPatrick, M. (2019). Good things take time: A living story of research so far. Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, 14(1), 27-42. doi:10.1108/QROM-03-2017-1507

  • Dyer, S. (2019). Leading the way: Advancing women to University leadership positions through career development and management. In Universities New Zealand HR Conference 2019. Hamilton, New Zealand.

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