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  • Steel, D., & Brooksbank, R. (2017). Culture change for salespeople in the financial services industry: A past, present and future perpective. International Journal of Sales Transformation, Q2, 20-23.

  • Fullerton, S., Brooksbank, R., & Neale, L. (2017). Consumer perspectives on the ethics of an array of technology-based marketing strategies: An exploratory study. Asia-Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 29(5), 1079-1096. doi:10.1108/APJML-09-2016-0179

  • Hayes, D., Subhan, Z., & Brooksbank, R. (2017). Encompass software: Managing entrepreneurial growth. Global Journal of Business Pedagogy, 1(1), 48-54.

  • Brooksbank, R. (2017). Perfectionists versus pragmatists. International Journal of Sales Transformation, 3(3), 48-49.

  • Brooksbank, R., Miller, S., Subhan, Z., & Vorontsova-Wheatley, N. (2017). Successful strategic marketing: United States manufacturers in the post-global financial crisis era. New Zealand Journal of Applied Business Research, 15(2), 1-9.

  • Brooksbank, R. (2016). WMS Sales Academy - Marketing Strategy Case Study. Waikato Management School.

  • Brooksbank, R. W., Subhan, Z., & Calderwood, R. (2016). Marketing's contribution to strategic decision-making: Manufacturers in an emerging versus mature market. In Marketing in a Post-Disciplinary Era (pp. 906-913). Conference held Christchurch, New Zealand: University of Canterbury.

  • Brooksbank, R., & Subhan, Z. (2016). 7 steps to cultural heaven. Journal of Sales Transformation, April(2.2), 24-27.

  • Brooksbank, R. (2016). Re-sharpening the customer focus in B2B markets: Understanding selling as marketing in action. The International Journal of Sales Transformation, September(2), 35-37.

  • Brooksbank, R. (2016). Waikato University's Roger Brooksbank on why marketers need to put customers first. StopPress, May 13, 7 pages.

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