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  • Kite, S., Brown, M. L., Arista, N., Whaanga, H., & Benesiinaabandan, S. (2021). Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence (Panel presentation). In 4th Annual Symposium on the Future Imaginary Virtual Edition.

  • Regenbrecht, H., Park, N., Duncan, S., Mills, S., Lutz, R., Lloyd-Jones, L., . . . Whaanga, H. (2021). Ātea Presence—Enabling Virtual Storytelling, Presence, and Tele-Co-Presence in an Indigenous Setting [Preprint]. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). doi:10.36227/techrxiv.16455690.v1

  • Whaanga, H. (2021). Indigenous identity and sovereignty in the digital sphere [Keynote]. In Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa - LIANZA Conference (Virtual).

  • Whaanga, H., Mato, P., & Keegan, T. T. (2021). Project Ātea. In K. Ruckstuhl, M. Kawharu, & M. Amoamo (Eds.), He Pou Hiringa: Grounding Science and Technology in Te Ao Māori (pp. 75-87). Bridget Williams Books. doi:10.7810/9781988587486_4

  • Hudson, M., Whaanga, H., Waiti, J., Maxwell, H., Davis, K., Arahanga, T., . . . Taitoko, M. (2020). Visualising Mātauranga Māori for iwi outcomes. New Zealand Science Review. Special Issue Mātauranga and Science - Part 2, 76(1-2).

  • Whaanga, H. (2020). AI: a new (r)evolution or the new colonizer for Indigenous peoples?. In J. Lewis (Ed.), Position paper on Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence (pp. 34-38). Honolulu, HI: Initiative for Indigenous Futures and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR).

  • Wehi, P., Whaanga, H., Watene, K., & Steeves, T. (2020). Mātauranga as knowledge, process and practice in Aotearoa New Zealand. Center for Open Science. doi:10.31235/

  • Whaanga, H., & Mato, P. (2020). The Indigenous digital footprint. In B. Hokowhitu, A. Moreton-Robinson, L. Tuhiwai-Smith, C. Andersen, & S. Larken (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Critical Indigenous Studies (pp. 447-464). London; New York: Routledge. Retrieved from

  • Hall, M. M., Wehi, P. M., Whaanga, H., Walker, E. T., Koia, J. H., & Wallace, K. J. (2020). Promoting social and environmental justice to support Indigenous partnerships in urban ecosystem restoration. Restoration Ecology. doi:10.1111/rec.13305

  • Whaanga, H., Harris, P., & Matamua, R. (2020). The science and practice of Māori astronomy and Matariki. NZ Science Review, 76(1-2), 13-19. Retrieved from

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