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  • O'Connor, H., Koslow, S., & Kilgour, M. (2022). Absorbing external information: How team-level cohesion and friction influence the formulation of creative advertising. Journal of Advertising, online, 1-19. doi:10.1080/00913367.2022.2038314

  • O'Connor, H., Kilgour, M., & Koslow, S. (2019). Advertising creatives at work: How dialogue processes influence originality and strategy.. In ICORIA 2019. Krems, Austria.

  • Kilgour, M., Koslow, S., & O'Connor, H. (2019). Why do great creative ideas get rejected?. Journal of Advertising Research, online, 17 pages. doi:10.2501/jar-2019-028

  • O'Connor, H., Kilgour, M., & Koslow, S. (2018). Absorptive capacity in creative advertising development. In ICORIA 2018. Valencia, Spain.

  • O'Connor, H., Kilgour, M., Koslow, S., & Sasser, S. (2018). Drivers of creativity within advertising agencies: How structural configuration can affect and improve creative development. Journal of Advertising Research, 58(2), 202-217. doi:10.2501/JAR-2017-015

  • Larke, R., Kilgour, M., & O'Connor, H. (2018). Build touchpoints and they will come: transitioning to omnichannel retailing. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 48(4), 465-483. doi:10.1108/IJPDLM-09-2016-0276

  • Koslow, S., O'Connor, H., & Kilgour, M. (2018). Client-agency collaboration in new account pitches, pay-for-performance and pro bono work: The double edged sword of agency theory. In ICORIA 2018. Valencia, Spain.

  • Koslow, S., Sasser, S., & O'Connor, H. (2017). Co-creation or agency theory in marketer-ad agency relationships: Do competitive account reviews or performance based compensations systems work?. In 39th Annual ISMS Marketing Science Conference. Conference held California, USA.

  • O'Connor, H., Kilgour, M., Koslow, S., & Sasser, S. (2017). Towards a governance framework for advertising ouput. In 16th International Conference on Research in Advertising (ICORIA) 2017. Conference held Ghent, Belgium.

  • O'Connor, H., Kilgour, M., Koslow, S., & Sasser, S. (2016). Structural drivers of creativity. In ICORIA 2016 (pp. 13 pages). Ljubljana.

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