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  • Barker, J. R., Gilmore, S., & Gilson, C. (2013). Rhetorical profiling: Modes of meaning generation in organizational topoi. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 30, 280-291. doi:10.1002/cjas.1263

  • Collett, A., & Gilson, C. (2009). Jean Batten and the accident of sex. Women's History Review, 18(2), 219-242. doi:10.1080/09612020902770923

  • Gilson, C., & Weiler, A. (2008). Transnational company industrial relations: The role of European Works Councils and the implications for international human resource management. Journal of Industrial Relations, 50(5), 697-717. doi:10.1177/0022185608096805

  • Gilmore, S., & Gilson, C. (2008). Football managers of the premiership: Strategic gameplans defeat the masculine model of management: Department of Strategy and Human Resource Management Working Paper Series (72). Waikato Management School.

  • Gilmore, S., & Gilson, C. (2007). Finding form: elite sports and the business of change. Journal of Organizational Change Management, 20(3), 409-428. doi:10.1108/09534810710740218

  • Gilmore, S. E., Gilson, C. H. J., & Barker, J. R. (2007). Rhetoric and organizational success: A case study of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. In Academy of Management Conference. Conference held at Philadelphia, USA.

  • Gilson, C., & Weiler, A. (2006). Transnational company industrial relations, the role of European Works Councils and implications for International HRM. In 14th World Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association: Social Actors, Work Organization and New Technologies in the 21st Century. Conference held at Lima, Peru.

  • Gilson, C. H., Gibb, J. L., Wagar, T., & Zorn, T. E. (2005). Human Resource Management, Employee Involvement and Workplace Change in New Zealand Organisations (Department of Strategy & Human Resource Management Working Paper Series 60). University of Waikato: Waikato Management School.

  • Kearins, K., & Gilson, C. (2005). Theoretical perspectives on sustainability. Electronic Journal of Radical Organisation Theory (EJROT), 9(1), 1-109. Retrieved from

  • Gilson, C. H., Hurd, F., & Wagar, T. (2004). Creating a concession climate: the case of serial downsizers. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 15(6), 1056-1068.

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