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  • Joseph, R., Rakena, M., Te Kuini Jones, M., Takuira, J., Te Tai, M., & Rakena, C. (2020). Stemming the colonial environmental tide - Shared Māori governance jurisdiction and ecosystem-based management over the marine and coastal seascape in Aotearoa New Zealand – Possible ways forward. Waikato University,: Waikato Print. Retrieved from

  • Rakena, M. (2020). [ ‘Treaty of Waitangi and the collaborative decision-making and design process’ and ‘Treaty of Waitangi: Principles and constitutional role’, Appendix C in Best Practice Model for Developing Legislation by GD Morgan and EC Littbarski } (Research Report 662). Wellington New Zealand: New Zealand Transport Agency.

  • Ruru, J., Turei, M., Jones, C., Quince, K., Charters, C., Erueti, A., . . . Bright, R. (2020). Inspiring national indigenous legal education for Aotearoa New Zealand's Bachelor of Laws Degree: Phase One. University of Otago: Michael and Suzanne Borrin Foundation, Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga. Retrieved from

  • Mika, J. P., Reid, J., Awatere, S., Gillies, A., Bodwitch, H., Rout, M., . . . Rakena, M. (2019). Kaitiaki-centred business models case studies of Māori marine-based enterprises in Aotearoa New Zealand : Whai Rawa, Whai Mana, Whai Oranga : Creating a world-leading Indigenous Blue Marine Economy.

  • Joseph, R., Rakena, M., Jones, M. T. K., Sterling, R., & Rakena, C. (2019). The Treaty, Tikanga Māori and Ecosystem-based Management in Aotearoa New Zealand Possible Ways Forward.

  • Joseph, R., Rakena, M., Jones, M. T. K., Sterling, R., & Rakena, C. (2019). The Treaty, Tikanga Māori, ecosystem-based management, mainstream law and power sharing for environmental integrity in Aotearoa New Zealand – possible ways forward. Hamilton: Waikato Print, University of Waikato, National Science Challenge Sustainable Seas. Retrieved from

  • Rout, M., Reid, J., Bodwitch, H., Gillies, A., Lythberg, B., Hikuroa, D., . . . scientist, K. D. S. (2019). Māori Marine Economy A Literature Review : Whai Rawa, Whai Mana, Whai Oranga : Creating a World-leading Indigenous Blue Marine Economy.

  • Joseph, R., Tahana, A., Kilgour, J. T., Mika, J., Rakena, M., & Jeffries, T. P. (2016). Te Pae Tawhiti: Exploring the horizon of Māori economic performance through effective collaboration (prepared for Ngā Pae o Te Māramatanga). Te Mata Hautū Taketake: The Māori and Indigenous Governance Centre. Retrieved from

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