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  • Falloon, G. (2017). Using apps as digital scaffolds for science learning in the primary school. In Pixel Interntational Conferences (Ed.), New Perspectives in Science Education Proceedings. Conference held at Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, Florence, Italy. Retrieved from

  • Falloon, G. W. (2017). iPads, apps and student thinking skill development. In N. Kucirkova, & G. Falloon (Eds.), Apps, Technology and Younger Learners International evidence for teaching (pp. 235-251). Taylor & Francis.

  • Kucirkova, N., & Falloon, G. (2016). Apps, Technology and Younger Learners International Evidence for Teaching. N. Kucirkova, & G. Falloon (Eds.), Routledge. Retrieved from

  • Falloon, G. W. (2016). Learning with mobile technologies in the primary school. In 3rd Anniversary Reciprocal Learning in Teacher Education and School Education Conference. Southwest University, Chongqing, China..

  • Falloon, G. W. (2016). Using digital scaffolds for learning science in the primary school. In The TEMS Spring Seminar Series.

  • Falloon, G. (2016). Coding and thinking skill development in the primary school. In Createworld 2016. Conference held at the Queensland College of Art, South Brisbane, Australia.

  • Falloon, G. W., Hale, P., & Fenemor, T. (2016). Planning and implementing coding in the junior classroom for competency and thinking-skill development. SET Research Information for Teachers, (1), 8-16.

  • Khoo, E. G. L., Falloon, G., & Nguyen, N. (2016). iPad-mediated talk in young children’s learning and exploration of interests. In N. Wright (Ed.), DEANZ2016: There and back again:Charting flexible pathways in open, mobile and distance education (pp. 163-167). Hamilton, New Zealand: DEANZ.

  • Falloon, G. W., Mangino, L., Lelieveld, M., Fenemor, T., & Hale, P. (2016). Building thinking skills through coding in the primary school. In ulearn16. Conference held at the Energy Events Centre, Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Falloon, G. (2016). An analysis of young students' thinking when completing basic coding tasks using Scratch Jnr. On the iPad. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Online, 1-18. doi:10.1111/jcal.12155

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