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  • Scarfe, B. E., Healy, T. R., Rennie, H. G., & Mead, S. T. (2009). Sustainable management of surfing beaks: case studies and recommendations. Journal of Coastal Research, 253, 684-703. doi:10.2112/08-0999.1

  • Longdill, P. C., Healy, T. R., Black, K. P., & Mead, S. T. (2007). Integrated sediment habitat mapping for aquaculture zoning. Journal of Coastal Research, Special Issue, 50, 173-179.

  • Longdill, P., Black, K., Mead, S. T., Healy, T., & Park, S. (2005). The Bay of Plenty benthic environment. In Annual Conference of New Zealand Marine Sciences Society, 4th International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions, and NZ-US MARGINS Programme Meeting. Conference held at Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Scarfe, B. E., Healy, T., Rennie, H. G., & Mead, S. T. (2005). Sustainable management of surfing breaks - An overview. In The 4th International Surfing Reef Symposium. Conference held at Manhattan Beach, California.

  • Phillips, D., Mead, S. T., Black, K. P., & Healy, T. R. (2003). Surf Zone Currents and Influence on Surfability. In Proceedings of the 3rd International Surfing Reef Symposium. Conference held at Raglan, New Zealand, 22-25.

  • Mead, S., & Black, K. (2000). Predicting the breaking intensity of surfing waves. In International Coastal Symposum 2000 Programme and Abstracts. Conference held at Rotorua, 24-28.

  • Mead, S. T., Black, K. P., Rennie, H. G., & Makgill, R. (2000). Assessment of environmental effects for a multi-purpose offshore reef. In New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Conference: Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Management of our Coastal and Estuarine Environments. Conference held at Hamilton, August-.

  • Mead, S. (1999). An artificial surfing reef for the Mount. Coastal News, September, 7.

  • Black, K. P., Mead, S., Mccomb, P., Jackson, A., & Armstrong, K. (1999). New Plymouth City Foreshore Redevelopment: Reef and Beach Feasability Study. Hamilton: CECOMG, Uni. of Waikato and NIWA.

  • Mead, S. T., & Black, K. P. (1999). Configuration of large-scale reef components at a world-class surfing break: Bingin reef, Bali, Indonesia. In 14th Australasian Coastal and Ocean Engineering Conference and the 7th Australasian Port and Harbour Conference (pp. 438-443). Conference held at Perth, Western Australia.

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