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  • Bulmer, R. H., Stephenson, F., Lohrer, A. M., Lundquist, C. J., Madarasz-Smith, A., Pilditch, C. A., . . . Hewitt, J. E. (2022). Informing the management of multiple stressors on estuarine ecosystems using an expert-based Bayesian Network model. Journal of Environmental Management, 301. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2021.113576

  • Rullens, V., Townsend, M., Lohrer, A. M., Stephenson, F., & Pilditch, C. A. (2022). Who is contributing where? Predicting ecosystem service multifunctionality for shellfish species through ecological principles. Science of the Total Environment, 808. doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.152147

  • Thrush, S., Hewitt, J., Pilditch, C., & Norkko, A. (2021). Ecology of coastal marine sediments form, function, and change in the anthropocene. Oxford Scholarship. doi:10.1093/oso/9780198804765.001.0001

  • Vopel, K., Marshall, A., Brandt, S., Hartland, A., Lee, C. K., Cary, S. C., & Pilditch, C. A. (2021). Biogeochemical feedbacks to ocean acidification in a cohesive photosynthetic sediment. Scientific Reports, 11(1). doi:10.1038/s41598-021-02314-y

  • Vopel, K., Laverock, B., Cary, C., & Pilditch, C. A. (2021). Effects of warming and CO2 enrichment on O2 consumption, porewater oxygenation and pH of subtidal silt sediment. Aquatic Sciences, 83(1). doi:10.1007/s00027-020-00765-5

  • Rullens, V., Stephenson, F., Lohrer, A. M., Townsend, M., & Pilditch, C. A. (2021). Combined species occurrence and density predictions to improve marine spatial management. Ocean and Coastal Management, 209. doi:10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2021.105697

  • Clark, D. E., Pilditch, C. A., Pearman, J. K., Ellis, J. I., & Zaiko, A. (2020). Environmental DNA metabarcoding reveals estuarine benthic community response to nutrient enrichment – Evidence from an in-situ experiment. Environmental Pollution, 267, 17 pages. doi:10.1016/j.envpol.2020.115472

  • Hunt, H. L., Pilditch, C. A., Gladstone-Gallagher, R. V., & Lundquist, C. J. (2020). Spatial and temporal variation in the dispersal of clam populations on intertidal flats. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 524. doi:10.1016/j.jembe.2019.151291

  • Le Minor, M., Mullarney, J. C., Pilditch, C. A., & Huhn, K. (2020). Crab burrow aspect ratio influences particle capture rates on intertidal sandflats. Geo-Marine Letters, 40, 197-216. doi:10.1007/s00367-019-00630-x

  • Nguyen, H. M., Bryan, K. R., & Pilditch, C. A. (2020). The effect of long-term aerial exposure on intertidal mudflat erodibility. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 45(14), 3623-3638. doi:10.1002/esp.4990

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