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  • Aislabie, J., Holmes, D. J., Paetzold, R., Robinson, P., Corban, G., & Balks, M. R. (2009). Movement, retention, and loss of hydrocarbons following application of JP-5 jet fuel to Antarctic soil: results of an in situ contained experimental fuel spill. New Zealand: Landcare Research New Zealand Limited.

  • Holmes, D. J., Balks, M. R., Sheppard, D. S., & Aislabie, J. (2002). Scott Base fuel spill trial 2000/01. In I. Snape, & R. Warren (Eds.), 3rd International Conference Contaminants in Freezing Ground.

  • Holmes, D. J., Balks, M. R., & Aislabie, J. (2002). The fate and effects of JP-5 fuel in Antarctic soil: a controlled experiment at Scott Base, Antarctica. In I. Snape, & R. Warren (Eds.), Contaminants in Freezing ground. Conference held at Hobart, Tasmania.

  • Balks, M. R., Holmes, D., Sheppard, D. S., & Aislabie, J. (2001). Impact of fuel spills on Antarctic soil. In Annual Antarctic Science Symposium. Conference held at Christchurch.

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