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  • Aporosa, A., & Fehoko, E. (2021). E na batini tanoa (Around the kava bowl): Talanoa about all things kava. Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, S. A. (2021). Understanding kava's impact on driver fitness [Poster]. Poster session presented at the meeting of Transport Knowledge Conference. Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Aporosa, A., & Guanavou, U. (2021). Na yaqona kei na ivakatakilakila vakavanua ena yatu Pasivika (Kava and ethno-cultural identity in Oceania).. In our Language: Journal of Pacific Research, 1. Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, S. A. (2021). New study shows kava impacts driving performance [Interview with Jordan Fennell]. In ABC Australia: Pacific Beat. Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, S. A. (2021). Kava impacts driving performance, new study shows [Interviewed by Sharnae Hope]. In Retrieved from

  • Aporosa, S. A. (2021). Kava and health: Addressing Ministry of Health concern [Invited presentation]. In National Kava Forum 2021, Australian Government Committee and ACT Community meeting. Conference held in Canberra, Australia (Hosted by Fair Canberra Inc).

  • Manikis, N., Imran, A., Bichard, V., & Aporosa, A. (2021). National Kava Forum Report : Moving kava forward in Australia. Canberra ACT, Australia: Fair Canberra Inc.

  • Hemi, K. V., & Aporosa, S. A. (2021). In Our Language: Imagining a Pacific research journal in terms of language and stakeholder position and engagement. Waikato Journal of Education: Special Issue: Talanoa Vā: Honouring Pacific Research and Online Engagement,, 26, 45-62. doi:10.15663/wje.v26i1.856

  • Henry, T. M., & Aporosa, S. A. (2021). The virtual faikava: Maintaining vā and creating online learning spaces during COVID-19. Waikato Journal of Education. Special Issue: Talanoa Vā: Honouring Pacific Research and Online Engagement, 26, 179-194. doi:10.15663/wje.v26i1.775

  • Aporosa, S. A. (2021). Research finds kava can have adverse effects on drivers [Interviewed by Yvonne Tahana]. In TV One News, New Zealand. Retrieved from

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