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  • Brennan, A. (2021). Future-proofing international criminal law. Complexity theory perspectives on collective entity accountability. In E. Palmer, M. Clark, & E. Bikundo (Eds.), Futures of International Criminal Law (pp. 1-22). United Kingdom: Routledge.

  • Brennan, A. (2019). [Review of Weighing Lives in War by Jens Ohlin, Larry May and Claire Finkelstein, (eds)]. Leiden Journal of International Law, 32(2), 337-340. doi:10.1017/S0922156519000037

  • Brennan, A. (2019). Exploring the accountability of leaders of armed opposition groups under International Law. The Hague Yearbook of International Law, 23 (2010), 223-268.

  • Brennan, A. M. (2018). Transnational terrorist groups and international criminal law. Routledge.

  • Brennan, A. M. (2018). Prosecuting members of transnational terrorist groups under Article 25 of the Rome Statute: A Network Theory Approach to accountability. In Non-State Actors and International Obligations Creation, Evolution and Enforcement (pp. 431-458). Leiden: BRILL. Retrieved from

  • Brennan, A. M. (2018). Prospects for prosecuting non-state armed groups under International Criminal Law: Prospects from Complexity Theory. In J. Murray, T. E. Webb, & S. Wheatley (Eds.), Complexity Theory and Law Mapping an Emergent Jurisprudence (pp. 129-148). Routledge.

  • Brennan, A. (2016). Historical reflections on the criminalisation of terrorism under International Law from the League of Nations to R. v. Mohammed Gul: How Britain has swollen the tide of obscurity. In R. McCourquodale, & J. Gauci (Eds.), British Influences on International Law, 1915-2015 (pp. 417-435). The Hague: Brill/Nijhoff.

  • Brennan, A. (2016). [Review of The Impact, Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Counter-Terrorism by Fiona de Londras and Josephine Doody, (eds) ]. Cambridge Law Journal, 75(1), 179-182.

  • Brennan, A. M. (2014). Holding Members of Transnational Terrorist Groups Accountable under Article 25 of the Rome Statute: Effectiveness, Legitimacy and Impact. Spanish Yearbook of International Law, 18, 114-140. doi:10.17103/sybil.18.06

  • Brennan, A. (2012). The Garda Diversion Programme and the juvenile offender: The dilemma of due process rights. Irish Criminal Law Journal, 22(2).

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