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  • Brink, A., & Kotze, E. (2017). Stitching hope through loss in celebration. In F. L. Cohen (Ed.), Hope Individual Differences, Role in Recovery and Impact on Emotional Health (pp. 159-171). New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers Inc.

  • Kecskemeti,, M., Hamilton,, C., & Brink, A. (2017). Developing inclusive practices. Deconstructing and reconstructing partnerships in times of change. In R. McNae, & B. Cowie (Eds.), Realising Innovative Partnerships in Educational Research, (pp. 33-43). Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers. Retrieved from

  • Brink, A. (2016). When Age Descriptive Words Matter: Children, Tweenies or Tweens. Children's perspectives of Childhoods. In V. Sharma, & A. Brink (Eds.), Childhood through the looking glass (pp. 223-232). Oxford, UK: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

  • Sharma, V., & Brink, A. (2016). Introduction. In V. Sharma, & A. Brink (Eds.), Childhood through the looking glass (pp. vii-xiv). Oxford, United Kingdom: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

  • Claiborne, L., Peters, S., & Brink, A. (2015). Shaking up human development: A reflection from Aotearoa New Zealand on Erica's Burman's contribution. Feminism & Psychology, _online, 1-7. doi:10.1177/0959353515570920

  • Brink, A., Hamilton, C., & Kecskemeti, M. (2015). Using images in ITE Developing Inclusive Practices papers - you won't find disablism in the dictionary. In FEDU Colloquium. Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Kecskemeti, M., Brink, A., & Hamilton, C. (2014). Kirekesztés / Elfogadás - Inkluziv pedagógiai módszerek alkalmazása a tanárképzésben az új-zélandi Waikato Egyetemen. In Inaugural HIRVIVOK (Messengers) Conference. Szeged, Hungary.

  • Brink, A., Hamilton, C., & Kecskemeti, M. (2014). Othering is normative: A discursive analysis of beginning teachers’ reflections about developing inclusive practices in primary schools in New Zealand. In Critical Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD) Conference. Budapest, Hungary.

  • Brink, A. (2014). Tweens. (pp. 188-189). North Ryde, NSW, Australia: McGraw-Hill Education (Australia) Pty Ltd.

  • Brink, A. (2014). Using a circle pedagogy in initial teacher education: Challenging attitudes and questioning understandings. In Inaugural HIRVIVOK (Messengers) Conference. Szeged, Hungary.

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