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  • Kingsbury, A. (2019). Competition Law in New Zealand. Kluwer Law International.

  • Kingsbury, A. (2018). Historical sperm and egg donation in New Zealand. New Zealand Law Journal, 8, 248-251.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2017). Competition law: Recent price-fixing cases and agreed penalties. New Zealand Law Journal, (3), 90.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2017). Media mergers: Is competition law enough?. ECLR: European Competition Law Review, 38(1), 8-17.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2017). Intellectual Property Law in New Zealand. Wolters Kluwer.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2016). Cartel regulation in New Zealand: Undermining the per se rule?. European Competition Law Review, 37(7), 282-289.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2016). Using the criminal law computer misuse provisions to protect confidential information. New Zealand Law Journal, 4, 6 pages.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2016). The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the protection of commercial confidential information and trade secrets in New Zealand law. European Intellectual Property Review, 38(4), 237-245.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2015). Copyright in fashion design in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand Law Journal, May, 134-137.

  • Kingsbury, A. F. (2015). Trade secret crime in New Zealand law: What was the problem and is criminalisation the solution?. European Intellectual Property Review, 37(3), 147-154.

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