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  • Phillips, A. (2019). DNA and profiling. In Identity Conference. Identity as Taonga: Now and in the Future. Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Phillips, A. (2019). Legal challenges of AI in healthcare. In Faculty of Medicine, University of Ghent, Belgium.

  • Phillips, A. (2019). Interview for The DNA dilemma by Marie Claire. In Magzter. Retrieved from

  • Phillips, A. (2019). Buying your self on the Internet. Wrap contracts and personal genomics. UK: EUP.

  • Phillips, A. (2019). Interview for 'The Time Bomb of DNA Testing and Race: Do-it-yourself genetic DNA testing kits could be exploiting our curiosity to build the world’s largest surveillance system by Joanna Fuertes'. In OneZero. Retrieved from

  • Phillips, A. (2019). Genealogy and DNA Testing. In The Free Breakfast with Mike Williams, Free FM89.0, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Phillips, A. (2019). Interview for newspaper article 'She was left with disturbing questions that will never be answered. The Pandora’s Box of DNA testing by Ted Sherman.'. In NJ Advance Media for, USA. Retrieved from

  • Phillips, A. (2019). All your data will be held against you: Secondary use of data from personal genomics & wearable tech. In S. M. Sterett, & L. D. Walker (Eds.), Research Handbook On Law And Courts (1st ed.). UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

  • Phillips, A. (2019). The age of personalized medicine—From patients to consumers: The digital environment, clickwrap contracts, and implications for autonomy. In A. Phillips, T. C. De Campos, & J. Herring (Eds.), Philosophical Foundations of Medical Law (first ed.). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

  • Phillips, A. (2019). Reading the fine print: An introduction to the world of personal genomics and wrap contracts. In Centre for International Law, National University of Singapore. Retrieved from

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