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  • Duong, M., Holmes, M., & Strutt, A. (2021). The impact of free trade agreements on FDI inflows: the case of Vietnam. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 26(3), 483-505. doi:10.1080/13547860.2020.1765717

  • Corong, E., Strutt, A., Kravchenko, A., & Duval, Y. (2021). Carbon border adjustment policies: Potential impacts on the Asia-Pacific region. In 24th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis. Virtual.

  • Anderson, K., Corong, E., Strutt, A., & Valenzuela, E. (2021). Impacts of agricultural domestic supports on developing economies. NZIBR.

  • Minor, P., Walmsley, T., & Strutt, A. (2021). Potential impacts of regional trade agreements on Vietnam: A dynamic CGE analysis. In P. Dixon, J. Francois, & D. van der Mensbrugghe (Eds.), Policy Analysis and Modeling of the Global Economy (pp. 299-337). World Scientific.

  • Rahman, M. M., & Strutt, A. (2021). Trade-restricting impacts of non-tariff measures in Bangladesh. Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, online. doi:10.1080/13547860.2021.1963043

  • Walmsley, T., & Strutt, A. (2021). A comparison of approaches to modelling non-tariff measures. Journal of Global Economic Analysis, 6(1), 1-33. doi:10.21642/JGEA.060101AF

  • Corong, E., & Strutt, A. (2020). Exploring the impacts of changing energy costs on New Zealand agriculture to 2030: A GTAP-E-RD application. In 23rd Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis. Online.

  • Webb, M., & Strutt, A. (2020). Non-tariff measures in New Zealand. In D. Rial, & M. Anandhika (Eds.), Non-Tariff Measures in Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea: Preliminary Findings (pp. 55-66). United Nations.

  • Webb, M., Strutt, A., Gibson, J., & Walmsley, T. (2020). Modelling the impact of non-tariff measures on supply chains in ASEAN. World Economy, 43(8), 2172-2198. doi:10.1111/twec.12955

  • Webb, M., Strutt, A., & Walmsley, T. (2019). Regulatory harmonization in the ASEAN region: The effects of applying different types of non-tariff measures. In 22nd Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis. Warsaw, Poland.

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