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  • Breen, C. (2020). The state removal of Māori children from their families is a wound that won’t heal – but there is a way forward.

  • Breen, C., & Gillespie, A. (2020). The coronavirus crisis shows why New Zealand urgently needs a commissioner for older people.

  • Breen, C. (2020). How about including a 'right to health' in the reforms?.

  • Breen, C. (2020). Should a COVID-19 vaccine be compulsory — and what would this mean for anti-vaxxers?. University of Waikato, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2019). Article 15: The Rights to Freedom of Association and Peaceful Assembly. In The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child A Commentary (pp. 517-550). Oxford Commentaries on International Law.

  • Breen, C. (2019). The Ageing of Article 2(1): The Child’s Right to be Free from Age-Based Discrimination.. In M. Skivenes, & K. H. Søvig (Eds.), Child Rights and International Discrimination Law Implementing Article 2 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (pp. 55-69). Routledge Research in International Law.

  • Breen, C. (2019). Did New Zealand violate the right to life of Afghan children?. Retrieved from

  • Breen, C. (2019). Child morbidity and mortality data as measures of the human rights obligation to respect, protect and fulfil the child's right to health. In GEIG Annual Conference 2019, Perspectives on Ecological Integrity in Science and Law. Trieste, Italy.

  • Breen, C. M. (2017). Human rights in the context of armed conflict and International Criminal Law. In M. Bedggood, K. Gledhill, & I. McIntosh (Eds.), International Human Rights Law in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 205-232). Wellington, New Zealand: Thomson Reuters New Zealand.

  • Breen, C. M. (2017). The declaration and the implementation of the rights of the indigenous child in Aotearoa. In A. Erueti (Ed.), International Indigenous Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 86-98). Wellington: Victoria University Press.

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