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  • Arnott, G., & Greenhalgh, C. (2021). Between Empire, Periphery, and the United States of America: the local and international origins of the Melbourne Social Survey (1941–1943). History Australia, 18(3), 544-563. doi:10.1080/14490854.2021.1956339

  • Arnott, G., & Greenhalgh, C. (2020). The survey and the state: Governments and early social research in New Zealand and Australia, 1930s–40s. Australian Historical Studies. doi:10.1080/1031461X.2020.1817110

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2020). [Review of 'Past Caring? Women, Work and Emotion’ edited by Barbara Brookes, Jane McCabe, and Angela Wanhalla]. New Zealand Journal of Public History, 7(1), 51-53. Retrieved from

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2020). Social Surveys. In M. Dobson, & B. Ziemann (Eds.), Reading Primary Sources. The Interpretation of Texts in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century History (2 ed., pp. 117-137). London: Routledge. doi:10.4324/9780429401916

  • Greenhalgh, C., & Ware, C. (2020). [Review of Oral History ‘Parenting’ Special Issue edited by Carla Pascoe Leahy and Alistair Thomson]. Studies in Oral History, 42, 204-209. Retrieved from

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2019). The unconventional career of Dr Muriel Bell. New Zealand Journal of History, 53(2), 119-120. Retrieved from

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2019). Motherhood after 30: pregnancy, age, and social research in 1980s New Zealand. In Australian and New Zealand Society of the History of Medicine Conference. University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Greenhalgh, C., Johnson, M., Kluge, E., & Ware, C. (2019). Archive frictions: Ethics and politics of knowledge-making in Pacific contexts. In New Zealand Historical Association Conference. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Greenhalgh, C. (2019). Motherhood after 30: Pregnancy, age, and parenting in 1980s New Zealand. In Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Greenhalgh, C., Bennett, C., Gilderdale, A., & Phillips, K. (2019). Generational Histories. In University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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