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  • Wallace, K. J., & Clarkson, B. D. (2019). Urban forest restoration ecology: a review from Hamilton, New Zealand. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand. doi:10.1080/03036758.2019.1637352

  • Clarkson, B. D., & Clarkson, B. R. (2019). Korthalsella lindsayi distribution and ecology. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 57(1), 62-64. doi:10.1080/0028825X.2018.1552158

  • Wallace, K. J., Laughlin, D. C., Clarkson, B. D., & Schipper, L. A. (2018). Forest canopy restoration has indirect effects on litter decomposition and no effect on denitrification. Ecosphere, 9(12). doi:10.1002/ecs2.2534

  • Laughlin, D. C., & Clarkson, B. D. (2018). Tree seedling survival depends on canopy age, cover and initial composition: Trade-offs in forest restoration enrichment planting. Ecological Restoration, 36(1), 52-61. doi:10.3368/er.36.1.52

  • Lowe, D. J., Shane, P. A. R., de Lange, P. J., & Clarkson, B. D. (2017). Rangitoto Island field trip, Auckland (Vol. 147B, Geoscience Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication ed.). M. Brook (Ed.), Auckland, New Zealand: Geoscience Society of New Zealand.

  • Wallace, K. J., Laughlin, D. C., & Clarkson, B. D. (2017). Exotic weeds and fluctuating microclimate can constrain native plant regeneration in urban forest restoration. Ecological Applications, 27(4), 1268-1279. doi:10.1002/eap.1520

  • Nepia, R. E., & Clarkson, B. D. (2017). Biological flora of New Zealand (15): Ixerba brexioides, tawari. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 56(1), 2-25. doi:10.1080/0028825X.2017.1402789

  • Brown, M. A., & Clarkson, B. D. (2016). Raising the bar - the potential of national standards for ecological restoration in New Zealand. In The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) & the New Zealand Ecological Society (NZES) Joint Conference. Conference held at Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Norton, D., Young, L., & Clarkson, B. (2016). Introduction to special section on New Zealand restoration. Ecological Management & Restoration, 17(3), 168-169. doi:10.1111/emr.12228

  • Norton, D. A., Young, L. M., Byrom, A. E., Clarkson, B. D., Lyver, P. O., McGlone, M. S., & Waipara, N. W. (2016). How do we restore New Zealand's biological heritage by 2050?. Ecological Management & Restoration, 17(3), 170-179. doi:10.1111/emr.12230

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