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  • McKeogh, C. (2017). KABOOM 5: Why we don't kill civilians. And, why we do kill civilians.. In New York. Retrieved from

  • McKeogh, C. (2017). Why Peace, Quaker? (second edition ed.). Hamilton, New Zealand: Logo Express.

  • McKeogh, C. (2017). After the Civilian Compassion in a changing politico-military context. In Ethics and War: Thinking the practice and politics of killing, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Conference held at University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • McKeogh, C. T. (2017). After the Civilian: Compassion in a changing politico-military context. In CILE’s 5th International Conference (Centre for Islamic Legislation & Ethics) “Rethinking Conflict and Resistance Ethics: Towards a critical understanding of Jihad and Just War”. Conference held at Doha, Qatar. Retrieved from

  • McKeogh, C. T. (2017). Quaker Peace Testimony and Pacifism. In 67th Political Studies Association Annual Conference. Conference held at Glasgow, United Kingdom.

  • Jackson, R., Moses, J. M., Gregory, T. A., Dexter, H., Clements, K., Burke, A., . . . McKeogh, C. (2015). The return of pacifism and nonviolence to IR. In International Studies Association (ISA) - 56th Annual Convention: (Roundtable Discussion) Global IR and Regional Worlds: A new agenda for international studies. Conference held at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

  • McKeogh, C. (2015). Why peace, Quaker?. Logo Express. Retrieved from

  • McKeogh, C. (2014). Devices of war and instruments of peace. In The Great War Lecture Series, Waikato Museum, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • McKeogh, C. (2014). [Interview] War and Peace. In Radio ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), Hindsight Programme, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • McKeogh, C. (2012). Are the citizens of a democracy a just target for terrorists?. In R. Chari (Ed.), Hard Questions for Democracy (pp. 155-168). Routledge.

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