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  • Dimitrov, D. (2021). The use of plastic in beehives. New Zealand Law Journal, 5(June), 172-174.

  • Hudson, M., & Dimitrov, D. (2018). Te Mata Ira Unfolding Stories : Iwi Views and Whanau Experiences with Genomic Research.

  • Dimitrov, D. (2017). The accountability of New Zealand’s charities: Meeting the needs of charity stakeholders through information disclosure. (PhD Thesis, University of Waikato, Hilcrest Road Hamilton). Retrieved from

  • Dimitrov, D. K., & Davey, H. (2011). Sustainable development: what it means to CFOs of New Zealand. Asian Review of Accounting, 19(1), 86-108. doi:10.1108/13217341111130579

  • Dimitrov, D. (2010). The paradox of sustainability definitions. In J. Professor Guthrie, K. Professor Jacobs, & J. Professor Baxter (Eds.), Asia Pacific Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Accounting (APIRIA) Conference (2010) Vol. APIRA-2010-073 (pp. 1-27). Sydney Australia: APIRA. Retrieved from

  • Dimitrov, D. K. (2009). The creation of sustainable development: What it means to CFOs in New Zealand. (Master's Thesis, The University of Waikato).

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