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  • Forbes, D. (2022). Student expectations of peers in academic asynchronous online discussion. Journal of Open, Flexible and Distance Learning, 26(1), 27-41.

  • Forbes, D., Brown, C., Hartnett, M., Gedera, D., & Datt, A. (2022). Diverse student experiences of online learning: Organic collaborative research during a pandemic.. In WIASN Conference 2022. Retrieved from

  • Brown, C., Datt, A., Forbes, D., Gedera, D., & Hartnett, M. (2021). University student online learning experiences (SOLE) in COVID-times. Ipu Kererū. Retrieved from

  • Daly, N., & Forbes, D. (2021). Crossing the globe: Teaching a MOOC for the first time. In Te Puna Aurei LearnFest Higher Education Symposium. Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Gedera, D., Datt, A., Brown, C., Forbes, D., & Hartnett, M. (2021). Beyond Zoom, Teams and video lectures: What do university students really want from online learning?. Retrieved from

  • Forbes, D., Hartnett, M., Gedera, D., Brown, C., & Datt, A. (2021). University students' experiences of online learning in COVID-times. In NZARE Virtual Conference: Learning in Crisis. Virtual.

  • Daly, N., & Forbes, D. (2021). Teaching children's literature online: Co-constructing stories in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). Journal of Literacy Education, 4, 25-42. doi:10.7203/JLE.4.21020

  • Forbes, D., Khoo, E., Gedera, D., & Anson, C. (2020). Developing blended learning in youth services introduction: A collaboration with the New Zealand Police.

  • Poultney, R., & Forbes, D. (2020). A whole-school approach to developing resilience: Resources and suggestions for New Zealand schools. Teachers and Curriculum, 20(1), 43-50. doi:10.15663/tandc.v20i1.351

  • Daly, N., & Forbes, D. (2020). Creating dialogic spaces in the online teaching of children’s literature in a MOOC: The Power of Picturebooks. In LearnFest20: Te Puna Aurei: A spring of intertwining knowledge. University of Waikato New Zealand.

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