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  • Nelson, C. S., Lowe, D. J., & Tonkin, P. J. (2015). The working life of John McCraw (1925-2014): a remarkable New Zealand pedologist and Earth scientist.]. Geosciences Society of New Zealand Journal of the Historical Studies Group, 50, 2-29.

  • Macpherson, D. J., Battershill, C. N., & Nelson, C. S. (2013). Marine reserve resilience in response to sedimentation. In Joint Conference for the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society, New Zealand Marine Sciences Society and the Australian Society for Fish Biology: Aquatic Science at the Interface. Conference held at Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Caron, V., Nelson, C. S., & Kamp, P. J. J. (2012). Linkages between tapho-diagenesis and sequence stratigraphy in cool-water limestones from a Pliocene forearc seaway, New Zealand. In S. Morad, J. M. Ketzer, & L. F. De Ros (Eds.), Linking Diagenesis to Sequence Stratigraphy (pp. 445-476). U.K.: Wiley-Blackwell.

  • Nelson, C., & Hendy, C. (2012). Cenozoic Carbonates and Caves - Field Trip Guide. In Geoscience Society of New Zealand 2012 Conference. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Nelson, C. S., Titjen, J., & Hood, S. D. (2011). Lessons from limestone dykes on Chatham Islands, New Zealand. In Geoscience Society of New Zealand. Conference held at Nelson, New Zealand.

  • Nyman, S. L., & Nelson, C. S. (2011). The place of tubular concretions in hydrocarbon cold seep systems: Late Miocene Urenui Formation, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand. AAPG Bulletin, 95(9), 1495-1524. doi:10.1306/01191110017

  • Hood, S. D., Nelson, C. S., & De Lange, W. P. (2011). The enigma of fitted boulders on a modern shore platform. In Geoscience Society of New Zealand. Conference held at Nelson, New Zealand.

  • James, N. P., Jones, B., Nelson, C. S., Campbell, H. J., & Titjen, J. (2011). Cenozoic temperate and sub-tropical carbonate sedimentation on an oceanic volcano – Chatham Islands, New Zealand. Sedimentology, 58(4), 1007-1029.

  • Nyman, S., Nelson, C., Campbell, K., Lindholm, R., & Rutledge, A. (2011). A schematic model for the subsurface seep plumbing system: Evidence from North Island, New Zealand tubular concretions. In 28th IAS Meeting of Sedimentology. Conference held at Zaragoza, Spain.

  • Lawless, A. S., Nelson, C. S., & Nodder, S. D. (2011). Nature and economic potential of glauconite on central Chatham Rise, New Zealand. In Geoscience Society of New Zealand. Conference held at Nelson, New Zealand.

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