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  • Luthra, S., Sharma, M., Kumar, A., Joshi, S., Collins, E., & Mangla, S. (2022). Overcoming barriers to cross-sector collaboration in circular supply chain management: a multi-method approach. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 157, 102582. doi:10.1016/j.tre.2021.102582

  • Collins, E. (2021). How collaborative advantage can deliver low carbon solutions.

  • Kariyapperuma, N., Bowden, S., & Collins, E. (2021). They look like us - but will their values look like ours? An exploratory study on environmental values transmission in the family business. In IFERA 2021. Virtual.

  • Kariyapperuma, N., & Collins, E. (2021). Family logics and environmental sustainability: A study of the New Zealand wine industry. Business Strategy and the Environment, online, 25 pages. doi:10.1002/bse.2823

  • Pavlovich, K., Bowden, S., Simnadis, T., Connolly, H., Collins, E., & Gibb, J. (2020). Allbirds: Sustainable innovation disrupting the casual shoe industry. SAGE Business Cases, online, 11 pages. doi:10.4135/9781529713206

  • Tregidga, H., Kearins, K., & Collins, E. (2019). Towards transparency? Analysing the sustainability governance practices of ethical certification. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 39(1), 44-69. doi:10.1080/0969160X.2019.1568276

  • Kariyapperuma, N., Collins, E., & Bowden, S. (2019). Familial logics and environmental sustainability. In Wicked Solutions to Wicked Problems. Australia: Central Queensland University.

  • Bowden, S., & Collins, E. (2018). Sustainable entrepreneurship: Entering and competing for good. In Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Chicago, USA.

  • Roper, J., & Collins, E. (2018). The dialectics of climate imaginaries. In Academy of Management Annual Meeting. Chicago, USA.

  • Collins, E. (2018). Why are management scholars missing from urban ecology?. In 32nd ANZAM Conference. Conference held Auckland, New Zealand.

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