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  • Khan, G. (2018). Creating Value with Social Media Analytics: Managing, Aligning, and Mining Social Media Text, Networks, Actions, Location, Apps, Hyperlinks, Multimedia, and Search Engines Data. Createspace Independent Publishing Platform.

  • Sponder, M., & Khan, G. F. (2018). Digital Analytics for Marketing. Routledge.

  • Khan, G. F. (2017). Social Media for Government A Practical Guide to Understanding, Implementing, and Managing Social Media Tools in the Public Sphere. Springer.

  • Khan, G. F., & Wood, J. (2017). Internet presence, website analytics and e-retailor financial performance. International Journal of Economics and Management, 11(1), 85-106.

  • Jang, H., Wood, J., & Khan, G. F. (2017). A social network analysis of knowledge infrastructure in the second language acquisition domain. Linguistic Research, 34(Special Issue), 125-160. doi:10.17250/khisli.34.201709.006

  • Khan, G. F., & Wood, J. (2016). Knowledge networks of the information technology management domain: A social network analysis approach. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 39, 367-397.

  • Khan, G. F., Lee, S., Park, J. Y., & Park, H. W. (2016). Theories in communication science: a structural analysis using webometrics and social network approach. Scientometrics, 108(2), 531-557. doi:10.1007/s11192-015-1822-0

  • Karim, A., Khan, N., & Khan, G. (2016). A social media analytics capability framework for firm's competitive advantage. In 20th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) (pp. 14 pages). Chiayi, Taiwan.

  • Wood, J., Kim, W., & Khan, G. (2016). Work engagement in organizations: a social network analysis of the domain. Scientometrics, 109(1), 317-336. doi:10.1007/s11192-016-1974-6

  • Khan, G. (2015). Seven Layers of Social Media Analytics Mining Business Insights from Social Media Text, Actions, Networks, Hyperlinks, Apps, Search Engines, and Location Data. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

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