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  • Campion, J. (2021). Transformation through translation?: Sustainable energy democracy, indigenous values and the challenge of transforming the energy sector. In R. Fleming, K. Huhta, & L. Reins (Eds.), Sustainable Energy Democracy and the Law (pp. 240-262). Brill.

  • Campion, J. (2021). The International Atomic Energy Agency. In M. M. Roggenkamp, K. J. de Graaf, & R. Fleming (Eds.), Encyclopedia of environmental law: volume IX Energy Law, Climate Change and the Environment. Edward Elgar.

  • Barton, B., & Campion, J. (2020). Justice and the design of climate change legislation: avoiding regressive measures. In I. del Guayo, L. Godden, D. D. Zillman, M. F. Montoya, & O. J. González (Eds.), Energy Justice and Energy Law. Oxford University Press, USA.

  • Marsh, J. D., & Campion, J. (2018). Academic integrity and referencing: Whose responsibility is it?. Journal of Academic Language & Learning, 12(1), 213-226.

  • Barton, B., & Campion, J. S. (2018). Climate change legislation: Law for sound climate policy making. In D. Zillman, L. Godden, L. Paddock, & M. Roggenkamp (Eds.), Innovation in Energy Law and Technology: Dynamic Solutions for Energy Transitions. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/oso/9780198822080.003.0002

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