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  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2021). Lambie Trustee v Addleman  [2021] NZSC 54 - [2021] NZLJ 247. New Zealand Law Journal, 7.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2021). In defence of religious charitable trusts—when the ancient and the modern collide. Trusts and Trustees.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2020). Law of Charity (2nd ed.). ThomsonReuters.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2020). Have a Little Faith: the Advancement of Religion and Public Benefit. In B. Bussey (Ed.), The Status of Religion and the Public Benefit in Charity Law (pp. 3-30). Anthem Press.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2020). Sutherland v Lane. New Zealand Law Journal, 9, 325-327.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2020). Post-Greenpeace, better public media trust, and advocacy. The New Zealand law journal : NZLJ, 5(June), 190-195.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2020). Greenpeace, advocacy, and the long and winding road.. New Zealand Law Journal, 10, 354-359.

  • Where the earthly meets the ethereal (2020). The New Zealand law journal : NZLJ, 8, 305-309.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2019). The economics of religious charities. In Roundtable on contemporary issues in Charity Law. University of Otago, New Zealand.

  • Chevalier-Watts, J. (2019). Faith, hope, and charity - a critical review of Charity Law's socio-legal reconciliation of the advancement of religion as a recognised head of charity.. (PhD Thesis, University of Waikato).

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