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  • Sy, A., Botes, V., & Low, M. (Eds.) (2020). Special Issue on: Auditing. International Journal of Economics and Accounting, 9(4).

  • Low, M., Farrell, D., & Sharma, U. (2020). Charities' accountability - Financial and non-financial reporting disclosures. In A. Sy, & A. Tinker (Eds.), African Management: Current Practice and Future Trends (pp. 147-184). De Gruyter. doi:10.1515/9783110629026-007

  • Botes, V., Low, M., & Sutton, A. (2020). Key audit matters and their implications for the audit environment. International Journal of Economics and Accounting, 9(4), 374. doi:10.1504/ijea.2020.110164

  • Chen, Q., & Low, M. (2019). Investigating the U-shaped relationship between environmental investment and economic performance in China. In 9th Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research In Accounting Conference. Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Low, M., Randell, A., Sharma, U., & Feng, Z. (2019). Integrated reporting and integrated thinking in New Zealand companies. In A-CSEAR 2019 Conference. Sydney, Australia.

  • Chatterjee, B., Taplin, R., Pawsey, N., Low, M., & Taylor, G. (2018). The relationship between pre-election reports in New Zealand local governments and voter turnout. In R. Pilcher, & D. Gilchrist (Eds.), Public Sector Accounting, Accountability and Governance: Globalising the Experiences of Australia and New Zealand (pp. 67-77). Routledge.

  • Randell, A., & Low, M. (2018). Investigating integrated reporting and corporate social responsibility disclosures in New Zealand. In AFAANZ Conference. Conference held Auckland, New Zealand.

  • de Villiers, C., Kelly, M., Lakshan, A., & Low, M. (2018). Risk management of future-oriented information disclosures in integrated reports. In 13th Asian-Pacific Conference in International Accounting Issues. Conference held San Francisco, USA.

  • Sharma, A., Sharma, U., & Low, M. (2017). Human rights disclosure from outsourcing: A study of New Zealand companies. In A-CSEAR 2017. Conference held Nadi, Fiji.

  • Farrell, D., Low, M., & Sharma, U. (2017). Charities accountability - financial and non-financial reporting disclosures. In 2017 AFAANZ Conference. Conference held Adelaide, Australia.

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