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  • Gurney, L., & Demuro, E. (2019). Tracing new ground, from language to languaging, and from languaging to assemblages: rethinking languaging through the multilingual and ontological turns. International Journal of Multilingualism, 1-20. doi:10.1080/14790718.2019.1689982

  • Grossi, V., & Gurney, L. (2019). ‘Is it ever enough?’ Exploring academic language and learning advisory identities through small stories. Discourse Studies, 1-16. doi:10.1177/1461445619887540

  • Gurney, L., & Lee, S. (2019). Mobilities, pluralities, and neoliberal priorities Considering the international student perspective to explore tensions in higher education and academic literary practice. In V. Anderson, & H. Johnson (Eds.), Migration, Education and Translation: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Human Mobility and Cultural Encounters in Education Settings (1 ed., pp. 14 pages). London: Routledge. doi:10.4324/9780429291159

  • Gurney, L., & Grossi, V. (2019). Performing support in higher education: Negotiating conflicting agendas in academic language and learning advisory work. Higher Education Research and Development, 14 pages. doi:10.1080/07294360.2019.1609916

  • Grossi, V., & Gurney, L. (2019). It's a bit like, am I doing enough? Can I ever do enough? Exploring the positioning of language and learning advisors in Australian tertiary education. In iMean6 Interaction and Meaning. Conference held Wellington, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Demuro, E., & Gurney, L. J. (2018). Mapping language, culture, ideology: Rethinking language in foreign language instruction. Language and Intercultural Communication, 18(3), 287-299. doi:10.1080/14708477.2018.1444621

  • Gurney, L. J., Liyanage, I., & Huang, L. (2018). Language teacher professional development in Asia: Historical trends, current practices and future directions. In K. J. Kennedy, & J. C. -K. Lee (Eds.), Routledge International Handbook of Schools and Schooling in Asia. Routledge.

  • Gurney, L., & Grossi, V. (2018). Language advisory work in higher education: Negotiating effective responses to ongoing challenges in English language support. In ISANA NZ 2018 Symposium. Conference held Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Gurney, L. J. (2018). Academic English and EMI in the Asia Pacific: Complexities, opportunities and outcomes. In I. Liyanage (Ed.), Multilingual Education Yearbook 2018 (pp. 73-90). Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-77655-2_5

  • Grossi, V., & Gurney, L. (2018). Consultations, collaborations and contemporary challenges: Reflections on language advisory practice in higher education. In ATLAANZ 2018 Conference: Beyond 2020 - Visioning learning advising in the future. Conference held Wellington, New Zealand. Retrieved from

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