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  • Parmenter, L. K., Sparks, J., Li, A., Kerimkulova, S., Ashirbekov, A., & Jumakulov, Z. (2017). Internationalizing the Curriculum in Kazakhstan: Perceptions, rationales and challenges. In H. de Wit, J. Gacel-Avila, E. Jones, & N. Jooste (Eds.), The Globalization of Internationalization: Emerging voices and perspectives (pp. 182-193). Routledge.

  • Johnson, E. M., & Parmenter, L. (2017). Transferable skills for global employability in PhD curriculum transformation. In Curriculum Transformation HERDSA HIgher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia. Conference was held at the International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia.

  • Parmenter, L. K. (2017). Politics and Global Citizenship: Implications for education.. In I. Davies, A. Peterson, C. Peck, E. Sant, Y. Waghid, L. C. Ho, & D. Kiwan (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Global Citizenship and Education. Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Parmenter, L. K. (2016). Achieving equity and quality in Japanese elementary schools: Balancing the roles of state, teachers and students. Frontiers of Education in China, 11(3), 272-298.

  • Parmenter, L. K., & Byram, M. (2015). Global Citizenship. In SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence (pp. 346-350). SAGE.

  • Sparks, J., Ashirbekov, A., Li, A., Parmenter, L. K., Jumakulov, Z., & Sagintayeva, A. (2015). Becoming Bologna capable: Strategic cooperation and capacity building in International Offices in Kazakhstani HEIs. In A. Curaj, L. Matei, R. Pricopie, J. Salmi, & P. Scott (Eds.), The European Higher Education Area: Between critical reflections and future policies (pp. 109-126). Springer.

  • Kurakbayev, K., & Parmenter, L. K. (2014). Teachers Constructing Local Meanings from International Educational Transfer. In European Educational Research Association ECER conference. Conference held at University of Porto, Portugal.

  • Parmenter, L. K., & Prowse, A. (2014). Becoming Global Citizens: Perspectives from senior management, faculty, staff and students in UK higher education.. In American Education Research Association 2014 Annual Meeting. Conference held Philadelphia, USA.

  • Fimyar, O., Bridges, D., Yakavets, N., Winter, L., McLellan, R., & Parmenter, L. K. (2014). Tracing policies, leadership practices and student experiences in multi-lingual settings: Lessons in education research methodology from Kazakhstan. In European Educational Research Association ECER Conference. Conference held at University of Porto, Portugal.

  • Parmenter, L. K. (2014). Globalization in Japan: Education Policy and Curriculum. In N. Stromquist, & K. Monkman (Eds.), Globalization and Education: Integration and Contestation across Cultures (2nd edition ed., pp. 201-215). Rowman & Littlefield Education.

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