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  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., & Wilson, M. (2021). Beliefs about the consequences of unions. New Zealand Law Journal, June, 175-181.

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Wilson, M., & Rubenstein, K. (2021). The potential of a union default to influence the preferences and choices of non-union workers in unionised workplaces. Economic and Industrial Democracy, online. doi:10.1177/0143831x211030346

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., & Wilson, M. (2021). Employee reasons for staying in or opting out of union membership. New Zealand Law Journal, May, 114-118.

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., & Wilson, M. (2021). Enhancing the popularity and effectiveness of a union default. New Zealand Law Journal, April, 84-88.

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Wilson, M., Rubenstein, K., & Shang, S. (2020). Public support for a union default: Predicting factors and implications for public policy. Economic and Industrial Democracy, online, 24 pages. doi:10.1177/0143831X20969811

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Novell, N., & Wilson, M. (2020). Boosting union membership: Reconciling liberal and social democratic conceptions of freedom of association via a union default. Industrial Law Journal, online, 30 pages. doi:10.1093/indlaw/dwaa018

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Wilkinson, A., Croucher, R., & Lam, H. (2020). Using the endowment effect to explain managerial resistance towards codetermination: Implications for employment relations from the German case. Human Resource Management Journal, 30, 149-163. doi:10.1111/1748-8583.12261

  • Gall, G., & Harcourt, M. (2019). The union default solution to declining union membership. Capital & Class, 43(3), 407-415. doi:10.1177/0309816819852281

  • Hambly, K., Kumar, R. V., Harcourt, M., Lam, H., & Wood, G. (2019). Profit-sharing as an incentive. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 30(20), 2855-2875. doi:10.1080/09585192.2017.1334149

  • Harcourt, M., Gall, G., Novell, N., & Wilson, M. (2019). A union default policy for New Zealand. New Zealand Law Journal, February, 6 pages.

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