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  • Dizon, M. A. C., & Disini, J. J. (2017). E-discovery in the Philippines. In B. Tan, M. Lew, & B. Ang (Eds.), A Practical Guide to E-Discovery in Asia. Singapore: LexisNexis.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2017). A socio-legal study of hacking: breaking and remaking law and technology. Oxford: Routledge.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2016). Breaking and remaking law and technology: A socio-techno-legal study of hacking. (PhD Thesis, Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)).

  • Dizon, M. (2016). Substantive and procedural legislation in the Philippines to combat webcam-related child sexual abuse.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2016). SCLS III Philippines Paper. In Colloquium on Contract Terms in the Contract Law of Asia. National Taiwan University, College of Law, Taiwan.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2015). A socio-techno-legal study of makers and hacktivists. In Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2014). A socio-legal approach to hacking. In Interference Conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • Dizon, M. (2013). Hacker norms and technology laws. In Eth0:2013 Winter. Winter Conference, Lievelde, Netherlands.

  • Dizon, M. A. C. (2013). The maker movement: Reforming the image of computer hackers in law and popular culture. In Law and Popular Culture: International Persepctives. Tilburg University, Netherlands.

  • Dizon, M. (2013). Understanding the rules of a networked world: A pluralist and interdisciplinary approach to the study of law, technology and society. In VSR Conference: Netherlands. Hotel Conference Centre Zonheuvel Doorn.

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